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Sunday, September 25, 2011

SCORE!! Thanks April!

Just wanted to say thanks to my friend April Rogers who helped me score a SUPER great deal a few weeks ago. She shared a link to a page (that I can no longer remember the name of, sorry) that shares good deals from everywhere so other Mamas can get a great deal also. At any rate, the deal of that day was to order composition notebooks online from Wal-Mart, pick them up at the store and pay the bargain price of 40 cents per 5 notebooks! I ordered the max of 12 sets and after a few frustrating moments at the store where the person behind the counter didn't seem to understand that I was supposed to be picking up 60 notebooks, not 12, I actually ended up at home with 65 notebooks for $5.12! So thanks April, I've got enough notebooks to last until Derek gets to high school. Hurray!!

1 comment:

The Man Crew said...

http://www.facebook.com/#!/MoneySavingMom that's the name of the webpage if you were interested. It's good stuff! Check it out :)

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