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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching Up With Us MeYeRs

Greeting from sunny and still HOT New Mexico : ) Actually, it's cooled down in the past few weeks and is only getting into the low 90s most days now. What a relief, right?? Just wanted to pop through, say hey and catch you up on the activities of the Man Crew from the past few weeks.
~Dan is still unemployed, but remains the busiest unemployed man I know. Building fences to keep in a friend's doggies, refurbishing a set of old fashioned gas pumps with another friend, helping people move, refinishing doors for the gym, driving and fixing the dune buggy, teaching a shop/auto repair class for David and Patrick, and keeping us all laughing in between all those activities.
~David started high school 2 weeks ago and is not sure whether he likes it yet or not. He's a bit overwhelmed by making so many of his own choices, I think. But we are almost done putting together his syllabus for this year, and he is looking forward to digging in. He's starting to gear up for competitive season with gymnastics, and is putting in long hours of practice each week. His routines are starting to come together and he's quite pleased with his own progress, as are we.
~Patrick is just starting his 7th grade year and is not sure how he feels about not having classmates this year as David is using a different curriculum this year, and James is no longer joining us for school. We have just been 'warming up' this past week or two, practicing our math facts, brushing up on our geography skills, writing dictation sentences, reading to Derek and Titus, and partaking in Daddy's shop class. He grumbles but I think is glad for the return of a more regular schedule. : )
~Derek is about to start first grade and we have spent hours each day reading, playing games, and watching educational videos, along with much outdoor play. The birthday bike is a fave and gets many hours of use each week. In fact, he's the only kid I know that can manage a jump off a ramp on a bike with training wheels, LOL! He's my biggest helper in the kitchen and LOVES to help with bread, pizza and chopping veggies.
~I always hate posting things about myself. I'm the same, LOL! Boring. Working at home, working at the gym, working at Kohls, driving the Mama taxi, and enjoying my family.
That's about it, I guess. Nothing much else to report. Karen is settling in well at her new place just around the corner from us : ) Jodi is off camping with the boys this weekend, Dad and Mom are off gallivanting across the countryside (and Praise the Lord for Dad's health to allow that again) and all the news from Mike and Kelly's house sounds like everything is hunky and dory. Oh, Flat Stanley is here for a visit, so we need to take him out and about to show off our great state!
Hope everyone is having a great, super blessed week! Call, write or come on by and see us sometime! We'd love to have you!
Kristy and the Man Crew

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