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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Into Reading 2011

It's that time again each year as the weather gets cooler, days get shorter, life is following a more predictable routine (at least in theory) and there is more time, and more desire to curl up with a warm drink, a cozy blanket and travel the world courtesy of a good book. So, make your list and join me as I link up with the friends over at www.callipidderdays.com/2011/09/fall-into-reading-2011-start-reading.html Pick a few books, or a pile, or whatever you think you can manage and join the fun. The party started on Sept 23 and runs through the end of December. Post a blog with your list and then link up to see what everyone else is reading, what adventures they are having and such. Here is my list, in no particular order : )
  • My Father's World curriculum books. I know that required reading, but it still needs to get done, so I might as well make it more fun, right?? Included with that, I'll be reading the recommended books that come along with Pat's lesson plans. *the total of these books will be counted as 5*
  • I bought a large box of books off of eBay to compliment our History of the World book 1. There are about 20 in there, however, most of them are less than 5th grade reading level, so I can probably polish them off in just a few hours, so I'm only counting them as one. ; )
  • I won a gift package that had 2 magazines in it, called Ladies Journal (Not to be confused with Ladies HOME Journal) and Where Women Cook. Can't wait to dig into those!
  • Also in the package were 2 books called More Than A Good Bible Study Girl (looks great) and Made From Scratch which is about homesteading. : )
  • The Debt
  • World Magazine to keep up with current events with the BIGS for school. Love this magazine, keeps us up to date on everything happening in the world, and with a Christian worldview~ LOVE IT
  • A few Christmas books, like A Christmas Carol, Christmas in the Big Woods, The Gift of the Magi, The Night Before Christmas and such. Plus the children's books that they love so much.
  • Fireman Dad, Love Finds a Home, Doctor Right, Rancher's Promise, Family by Design, and The Cowboys Homecoming

I think that's it for now. I'll add to this as I finish books and decide if I have more time. Fall into Reading with me!
Blessings, ~Kristy~

1 comment:

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Looks good -- lots of variety! I have More than a Good Bible Study Girl on my shelf...just haven't read it yet. Thanks for being part of Fall Into Reading 2011!

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