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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Week in my Life According to Facebook : )

Just for laughs, I thought I'd give this a try. I'm going to post all of my 'status updates' from Facebook from last week on here and see if it gives an accurate summation of my week. Hold on to your seat belts, here we go...

**Sunday~ I am preparing Dan and 'Shua for another week in Hurley. Laundry to do, snack to prepare, Oh and french bread to make to go with the lasagna for dinner. I better get going if i want to get it all done.
~I am spending some last minute quality time with Dan before he heads to Hurley for the week...goodnight all!
**Monday~ I am thankful for Monday mornings...a chance to regroup, re-organize and begin the week fresh! Time to get my house clean, organize my random thoughts for the week, and really start planning my trip to IL...it's only 6 weeks away! HURRRRRAAAAAAAYYYYYY
~I am wondering where the day went...still much to do, I better get off this computer and get my rear in gear. I'll check back in later when the house is back to being a home. See you soon and wish me Godspeed!
~OK, the house chores are DONE, hurray! The kids are watching a movie, Jodi is running errands and T is emptying the cabinets. I'm gonna blog for a bit and then maybe take some silly quizzes later. Have a great evening everyone!
Tuesday~ Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day...ahhhh, time to get started on the things that need to get done today. Good thing I've got helpers so we have time to play later! : )
~I am relaxing before the dinner rush and then I've got to head in to work....for now, just putting my feet up and enjoying a small time of rest....ahhhh!
~ I am glad for my employee discount at Kohl's, guess I better go earn it now. Talk to you all after work!
**Wednesday~ Danielle, are you doing the "by the hour" posts again? I'll start...for this hour: start laundry, pick up the LR, make sure all the boys are dressed and straighten their rooms and we all need to work in the back room for about 15 minutes. I better get going!
~This hour (from 11 to noon) will be: pick up back room and vac, put ABeka materials on shelves (yeah, I get so excited at the beginning of the school year) and flip the laundry, then it will be lunchtime....leftovers at Chez MeYeR. Homemeade Lasagna, salad, french bread, and pudding...not bad for leftovers...hee hee!
~This hour I'll be wrapping up lunch with the little ones, and settling them in with some books or an audio tape to listen to for a bit, folding the laundry, chasing T and probably help with the groceries when Jodi gets back. I'm not planning anything else this hour, if I get a break, HURRAY, if not, that's fine, too.
~After lunch hour: I"m going to fold the laundry, supervise quiet reading time and relax...I have a headache and I need to rest, rehydrate and elevate my feet for a bit. See you in an hour.
~OK, last hour was officially in a tail spin...next hour: redirect and reboot. Gotta get a few more things done! Fold the laundry, tie up T so I can rest for 5 whole minutes, and then S&S the bathroom and MAYBE shelve a few more ABeka books, yeah! Oh and I gave the boys a building challenge to keep them busy as well : )
~3-4 hour: Filling more shelves with school items, S&S bathroom, dishes and hydrating...I can tell I haven't had enough to drink yet today.
~4-5 hour: This is usually dinner prep hour, but since we are having grilled cheese and soup out of a can (*gasp*) I'm going to let David and James handle dinner while I wrap up the shelf project and then put my feet up for a few before I head out to work. I'm hoping to go in a bit early to put some things on hold for this weekend's sales~ that way I"m sure to get the sizes/styles I want and I don't get trampled~ :P
~The rest of the evening is taken up with going to work. 'Shua will be home shortly and then I am taking him to the airport at O'dark thirty to fly to IL. Even I'll be drinking coffee tomorrow!
**Thursday~ Anyone ever notice that waking up at 4:15 after going to bed at 12:45 is...ummm....character building?? Thank you 'Shua for the opportunity to grow!
~I am gearing up for the hourly posts for one more day...From 10-11 AM I will flip the laundry, fix the keyboard tray and S&S the bathroom...that's it! Taking it easy today...LOL

~Moving on...next hour (11 to noon) LR tidy, sheets back on beds and lunch time. Sadly, no more leftovers today, and it just occurred to me that we will have to be more creative today since I need to bake bread. Well, add that to this hour's list...oops!
~OK, now that the noon to 1pm hour is half over...T is eating lunch, big boys ate apples and peanut butter, I've WON the battle against the scanner, now I'm hungry...time to eat for me!
~This hour?? Not even sure yet....I think I"ll just relax and deal with anything that comes up...yep, that sounds good!
~OK, day has officially been derailed in a good way! Dan just came home from work about 5 hours early...I'm gone for the day...BYE
~I am pleased to report that after a really LONG day that involved great highs and frustrating lows, a whole lot of the excruciating work of getting over myself YET AGAIN and a psychotic meltdown just for kicks, today is over and I can look forward to God's grace being new every morning...what a relief! Thank you Lord that it always come to PASS, not stay!
**Friday~ I wonder...when you wake up each day, do you think..."Good morning, Lord!" or "Good Lord, it's morning!!" LOL, I'm leaning towards the former this morning and that's a good thing! Much to do before game night tonight and a birthday party tomorrow. Off to the store for me, back in a few hours!
~I am back from my shopping adventures...time to get busy with slicing and dicing...mixing up some dough for pizza night...OH and a good deal of cleaning, too! Dani, are you up to the cleaning by the hour thing today?? I need motivation! :)
~It's officially game night! Dani, sorry I bailed~ it got crazy but now it's going well again! Hurray for food, friends and fellowship! : )
**Saturday~ How much better can a day get? Game night leading into an impromptu teenager sleepover, a FUN birthday party for Derek, AND Dan got the cycle running again and we had time for a quick motorcycle ride...WHHHHHEEEEE! ~Later, the boys are heading to the races while I head into work. Hurray for a great day!
**Sunday~ I get the dork of the day award for flooding the kitchen, dining room and half the hallway...I needed more laundry to do, really! I was getting bored anyways...LOL
~Goodnight everyone, it's been a great week!

Yep, that about sums it up. A week well spent...house is a home, hubby and kiddos are well taken care of, and God is blessing us in SPITE of us. Life is good!

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