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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Derek~

Oh my, how the years have flown! It's hard to believe that Derek has lived 1/2 of his life here in NM..WOW~ Derek turned 4 on Saturday and we had a blast celebrating with him. Las Cruces just happened to have what they call 'Kids Kindness Day' on Saturday as well and I'm pretty sure Derek thought the party was just for him...hee hee! It was great...firetruck tours, fingerprinting and picture taking for ID cards, bean bag toss with prizes, free food and drinks, McGruff the crime dog, he got to pet a snake, swing on the playground equipment, watch a remote control airplane zip around, dance in the bubbles and be the center of attention. Later, I whipped up one of Mambo's famous graham cracker cakes and boy, was that tasty...it's been too long since we had one of those! Derek got several nice presents and he enjoyed them all...he was every bit as excited about the flashcards PaPa and Grma sent as he was about the cool cars 'Shua got for him with a 'Cars' themed car rug to drive them on. We are actually going to have a 'real' party for him this weekend, but he wants 'ele-flants' party...any ideas?? ANYONE?? The most memorable moment of his birthday was as the the park as we were looking at the cool cars in the small car show. Derek got very excited and starting shouting, "Mama, look at this car, it is so sic!" (he hangs out with 'Shua and David too much when they are watching Pimp my Ride) but since he has a small lisp as all my boys do, it came out, 'Mama, look at this car, it is tho thick!!" Oh my gravy, we had a good laugh about that one!! Even 'Shua laughed out loud and for those of you that know him, you know how rare and special that is! A few pictures for you to enjoy and I'm gonna hush...really!



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