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Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

~For Today... August 10, 2009

~Outside my window.... the NM sun burns bright and clear, the temp is a sultry 92 and the clouds look like white cotton candy fluffs hurrying past.
~I am thinking... that the backhand of justice, duly served, is a dish best served cold. Long story, but it involves Dan scolding the cichlid for bothering the other fish in the tank, putting said fish in time out (I WISH I was kidding) and subsequently feeding the offender to the turtle, who was most grateful
~I am thankful for...the safe return of 'Shua from IL, a happy home and healthy kids to enjoy life and deplore chore time.
~From the learning rooms...nothing~we intend to get brain rot this week...LOL
~From the kitchen...as always on Monday fresh bread, tea is brewing, dinner is in the oven and yet again, I can't find more than 2 inches of counter space that are clean and not cluttered : ) As for the rest of the week...
  • Monday~ Pork chops, stuffing and green beans

  • Tuesday~ Salsbury Steaks, mashed potatoes and broccoli

  • Wednesday~ Tilapia, Rice and salad

  • Thursday~ Hungarian Goulash

  • Friday~ Homemade pizza

  • Saturday~ Chicken and Rice casserole and salad

  • Sunday~ To be Determined...LOL

~I am wearing... navy yoga pants and a purple and navy graphic tee...plus bare feet that seriously need to meet up with a foot scrub to fight the callouses
~I am creating... dinner, chore lists, maps/itinerary for our trip, lapbook activities for same trip, a balanced budget and a sane mind...anyone have some sanity to spare??
~I am going... nowhere all week since Jodi is out of town and I have her boys as well...but this weekend I'll be grocery shopping, running errands and hopefully to the race track with the family...oh and we are FINALLY going to the water park this weekend as well, good thing we have 3 day weekends around here...LOL
~I am reading... Derek's new books that he got for his birthday and that's about it this week
~I am hoping... to stay up with my workout routine, water intake and get my 5 a day of fruits and veggies
~I am hearing...Derek finish his dessert of graham cracker cake, the washer fill up, the fan squeaking as it circulates the cool air and the dogs nails clicking on the tile as they wander around.
~Around the house... there is much to be done as usual, but I have helpers. Tomorrow is going to be home blessing day ~as made famous by the Flylady and it goes a little something like this...

  1. Sweep/Vac all floors

  2. Mop tile

  3. Clean sheets on all beds

  4. Dust

  5. Fingerprints, Door glass and mirrors

  6. All trash out of the house
  7. Cull old paperwork

We also need to work just a bit more in the backroom, making it ready for school. I have some more planning to do, but it shall have to wait until this week is over...then MAYBE : )
~One of my favorite things... an evening that the kids go to bed early so I can enjoy a movie without interruption. 'Shua and I are going to watch a documentary about the Dead Sea Scroll tonight, thanks Netflix!
~A few plans for the rest of the week... playing with the boys, try to meet Charlie and William's mom, the backroom project, some mending, working Tuesday night, game night, water park
adventure and some serious R & R
~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... the boys spending a happy afternoon of building a railroad!

This post is a response to Miss Peggy's call to the simple life. If you enjoy this post and want to read others like it, join her over at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogpsot.com Enjoy!




bev said...

i remember a time when my floor looked like that all the time and did one of the beds. i had twin boys and they had legos and cars over the floor all the time plus risk army men!!!

Lainie said...

Thanks for stopping by and for all the recipe ideas for the week! My ideas have just about run out :)

I love the Fly lady too!

The Man Crew said...

Thanks ladies, for your comments! Bev, the boys actually got it all picked up before bed taht day, I was so happy and proud! Lainie...glad to help! Sometimes I feel like we eat the same old, same old, but as I look over my daybook entries, I'm doing better than I thought....phew! :) Hope you are both having great weeks~

Arlene said...

I wish I had some sanity to spare! RYC: I have posted the recipe for Easy Chicken and Stuffing, so come on by and try it out! Thanks for visiting my daybook; have a blessed week.

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