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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Parental Sidebar

As most of you know, my parents just spent a week here. It was sooo great! I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to have them here. The kids loved it! We went to the park several times to shoot hoops, slide and swing, and have picnics...all at different parks. We apartment/house hunted for Jodi and Karen, spent countless hours playing farkle and just hanging out together. Dad's 72nd birthday was on Friday so we had a small party for him and he was on top of his game that day and had a blast. Derek remembered them which they were concerned about...and actually has been looking for them since they left on Saturday morning. We are looking forward to the routine returning to normal and spending time getting Karen ready to move. All of you know that I don't believe in luck or coincidences, but this one fell right out of the sky! Karen and Dolli were looking at the paper today for possible rentals...they found one that Dolli really liked and she decided to go look at it even though we couldn't get in today. I went with her and after peeking in the windows, went home to report that is was a great house, for a good price, in a great neighborhood and only 2 miles away! So, Karen decided to call and see if they could walk through tomorrow...hoping that the landlord was of a decent sort and not too picky...well guess who answered? Jose...the landlord for this house...and she LOVES him! How about that?!? I thought that was pretty cool! So, things are going pretty well around here. All we have to do is get school back on track this week and that's not a problem at all. In fact, I bet the boys wouldn't admit it, but they have been missing the routine that school brings to the house. Things get pretty chaotic without school in the middle of the day to keep us centered...LOL! Anywho~must go, much to accomplish yet tonight...love to you all! Missing you all also!


Kristy and the Man Crew

A new Meyer Family picture...I kinda like it!
PS. Sorry about so many pictures, but we had such fun! Mom told stories about growing up on the farm, Dad seemed to be doing better than I had dared to hope; even to playing basketball everyday with Davis, Pat and Ty... and the boys were so good while they were here...can't wait to have them here again!

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