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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A new house for Karen!!

As some of you are aware, Karen has been diligently house hunting for some time now, but she kept running into roadblocks...too small, wrong area, too much, yucky landlords, etc. So she was looking yet again this week and she has found the right house! Not too big, not too much, nice neighborhood, right school district and the landlord is the same beloved Jose as this house here...LOL! So, here are a few snapshots of her new home that she will be moving onto next Saturday!

The living room has this gorgeous fireplace...I am so jealous!
Big kitchen with yellow counters, they are her favorite!
The dining room over looks the side of the living room.
The master bedroom is huge and has a private bathroom.
She can start moving in as early as Tuesday, and Dolli or I will do a video walk through...That's for you, Mom!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

The Ruoss Crew said...

YES!!! Congrats to Karen and congrats to you! I know you love Karen but I also know it will be great for everyone to have their own place again. Ain't God good?

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