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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dad and Mom come to visit

My parents are here!! Did I mention that I am thrilled about that?! We had an almost uneventful week around here and I managed (after 8 hours at the MVD) to procure a new licence so that I could start my new job at Kohl's. I work the 8 to 12 shift setting up signs for the next day's sales. I may eventually get too tired to function, but for now it's fun. Dan keeps the kids while I am gone so no child care costs...thank you Jesus! School went really well this week, but with Dad and Mom here, we may lose a few days. That's OK, family is important and the work will still be there later. Did I mention that I'm thrilled that my parents are here? Jodi seems to be sure about moving here in the fall and I'm pretty pleased about that, too! Anywho~ I've checked in at the other blogs and it seems that everyone's life is doing alright for the moment. I am glad that everyone is well and healthy. I need to scoot, much visiting to cram into the next 6 days! We are missing everyone and can't wait the to them during the much anticipated trip this June...cross your fingers...LOL! Lost Boys, Mama K loves you! Everyone else...hoping to see you soon!

Love to all,

Kristy and the Man Crew

PS. I think that I haven't posted pics of Dan's new tats yet so here they are...Chicago and the 3 crosses are for our hometown and our new town (the city symbol for Las Cruces is 3 crosses) and the other is just turning his tribal into an armband...they both look good on him and he is really enjoying them...he may turn into a tatoo freak yet...oh, dear!
PSS. I got my nose re-pierced..ouchie!...but this one turned out much better.

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