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Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Popping in

This one will be short if it kills me! I just want to say that school has successfully been restarted, much to David and Pat's horror; Dan has gone back to work, much to his delight; and order has been restored to the Meyer/Balding/Myers household, much to mine! We can't wait to see Dad and Mom next week and visit with them. For those who might be interested, I now officially work for Kohl's and I start next week in the Ad Set department, so if you need to know when the good sales are coming, you know who to call. LOL! I don't think I have any new pictures this week, but I probably post too many anyway...sorry! OK, I'm done! I am feeling homesick this week, probably since Dad and Mom are coming. I wish you all could come a visit.
Love to All,

Kristy and the Man Crew
There, see? I can write something short...Ha ha...Victory!!

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