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Monday, June 30, 2014

Stay-cation Day 3: June 30, 2014

Stay-cation day 3: Flat tire made for a tough start, but then spent the day relaxing at the B-Bunch house with the critters and my 2 younger boys, made a new Crock Pot meal that was delicious and read 2 whole books, which erased the irritation of the morning. Then I had a fight with Dan and went to bed mad. Guess I'll call it a wash for day 3. LOL!
Serious Crock Pot Love

Thunder loves to be in a basket. Any basket will do!

*I'm on vacay from work for the next 2 weeks while BossMan and the rest of the B-Bunch travel for school reunions, to visit family and to take a break from the hectic schedule they normally enjoy. I'll be taking care of the house and critters in their absence and intend to remember how to relax a bit along the way. Join me :)

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