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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stay-cation Day 2: June 29, 2014

Stay-cation day 2: House/pet sitting for the B-Bunch, cleaning the house, having the boys' friends over for "friend day" this afternoon, and the best, funnest, probably longest Pampered Chef party I've ever been at to wrap up the day. I promised myself I'd enjoy the B-Bunch's pool every single day so I'm off to sit with my feet in the cool water to wrap up this wonderful day.feeling relaxed, just like I should be on a Sunday evening. with Jody Lila Jeffrey Stolp.

*I'm on vacay from work for the next 2 weeks while BossMan and the rest of the B-Bunch travel for school reunions, to visit family and to take a break from the hectic schedule they normally enjoy. I'll be taking care of the house and critters in their absence and intend to remember how to relax a bit along the way. Join me :)

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