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Monday, October 15, 2012

September is Already Gone *sigh*

Seriously? It's gone already? Did we do anything? Did we take any pictures? Anything at all? Phew, one of these days I shall actually catch up and be current with my blogging again, but apparently that day is NOT today :) And I'm ok with that. I'm happy that I'm getting closer. A few things worth mentioning happened in September. Here they are in no particular order
~Dan went to IL to pick up Pat and enjoyed 4 days in IL visiting friends and family. It was a great rest for him after the long summer hours were finally over for a season.

~Pat came home with Dan, tan and taller than ever! He had a ball with all the friends and family in IL indulging him and taking him all sorts of fun places.
~I enjoyed a complete 36 hours alone! First time I've spent more than a few hours actually ALONE in over 10 years. WOW, that's worth a whole other post, I think. :)
~I also spent 2 full days with just D and DT, lounging about and enjoying a much less hectic schedule for a few days. It was glorious!
~We started school! We've adopted a new schedule of 6 weeks on, 1 week off this year with no extended break from Thanksgiving until New Year's since I'm not working nights anymore (hurray) I will keep you posted on how that's going.
~We joined a homeschooling Co-Op where we get together with other homeschooling families and the parents take turns teaching things. Great way to make new friends, learn new things and get OUT of the house. We are enjoying it greatly. D opted not to join this semester. P is taking a cellular biology class, a class about the Presidents and how social media could have affected their campaigns, a leadership class and a class about electronics/magnets. DT is taking anatomy, math away from the workbooks, a history/geography class and a seasonal crafts class. I'm enjoying being a helper in a few classes and getting to know other homeschooling families in the area. Good stuff!
~We took our first field trip of the year to the pumpkin patch as is our tradition. GOOD TIMES~ that's a whole other post as well. Plenty of pics to come.
~D and P joined the youth group at our church and despite the resistance to our 'encouragement' have decided they like it and are enjoying going each week.
~I am still enjoying my weekly Wednesday night visits with Karen as my night 'out' each week, while Dan takes the BIGS to youth group and spends an evening with DT. A gal has to get out once in a while, right?

~Andy came to town in September for a long overdue visit and boy, did we have a good time! His special game night lasted until the wee hours of the morning, but it was SO GOOD to see him!
~Dan has joined the gym and is enjoying going several times a week. Which means this girl needs to get her rear in gear and lose some weight as well *winks*
~A new schedule for the new school year has helped this Mama to better organize her time and talents so that more is getting done each day while cutting down on the craziness. (well, a little of the craziness. We ARE raising a bunch of boys here, ya know *grins*)
~A new Bible Study curriculum has our morning Bible Study sessions going along well. The boys have learned (re-learned for the BIGS) the books of the OT, several memory verses and are tracing the lineage of Jesus through the Old Testament. I'm learning right alongside of them and am sometimes amazed/appalled at the things I've missed over the years. Better late than never, right?
I think those are all the major updates for this month. The blurbs that have lots of pics also deserve their own posts, so I'll just save the pics for the separate posts. That ok with everyone?
Thanks for reading my nonsense! ~K~

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