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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

White Sands Trip in July (better late than never, right?)

Here are a bunch of pics I took while having WAY too much fun at White Sands National Park with the Man Crew, The Benson Bunch, the Starnes Trio and a Hanna in a pear tree. Oh wait, I think I got off track there for a minute. Anywho, 2 full cars of people drove on up there and had a ball hanging out for a few hours and just loving the sand and sunshine. When you see all the red faces, keep in mind that it was well over 100* that day. We were drinking water like it was going out of style :)

Gracie rolls down the dunes
Jodi and Mr T take a slide ride

David loves to dig the biggest hole he can!

Anna pauses to inspect a bug

'Wheeeeee' yells Superman

LOVE the sandy back pics!

D and Z take a flying leap over G while P looks on and J tries to catch up

Run, Boy, Run!

Mr T used the sleds as tools to get up the dunes more quickly. Smart baby!
DT has a go. Goodness, we had fun

J gets buried alive
Here is the 'nice' picture
And here is what they normally look like :D

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