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Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Visit with Dolligator

This past two weeks has been a wonderful, long visit with Dolli and her husband John. We had never met John before and found him to be a delight...not to mention he makes a mean Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli! Hurray for a night off from the kitchen. School was cancelled the second week, much to the boys delight. We simply weren't making any progress anyway, so I quit driving myself crazy. Anyway, I digress...on Thursday before she left we all got to share in the joy when Dolli found out that she was pregnant after a year of trying! It reminded me of you, Candy ;) finding out at "home" with your parents. So, we spent the day calling everyone and then celebrated at the Red Lobster...hurray for endless shrimp!! Anyway, I digress again...I will say that after two weeks of late nights, no planning whatsoever and our schedule going right out the window, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, before heading into a new week of life and school. SO, if you have called me and I haven't returned your call, I haven't died, I'm just taking a day off to recuperate before Monday rolls around. If I have returned your call and sounded retarded, try again in a few days...maybe I'll be making sense by then. Not likely, but worth a try...lol! Other than that, life has been good. We are still enjoying the new church we are attending and are considering joining and putting the boys in their AWANA program. Pray for us as we pray about that important issue. Pray for Patrick as this last two weeks of unscheduled-ness has thrown him into a tailspin that's making the rest of us nuts!! Pray for a better school attitude from David, the complaining seems endless at this point and I'm pulling my hair out on some days. Derek is well, still cutting those molars, but almost done with that and ready for the next adventure...potty training. He seems pretty willing to sit, but so far, nothing is happening. Oh, well, that one definitely takes time...lol. As an important development, Dan is planning on flying into Chicago on Thursday, Nov.29 to rent the truck and drive it to us down here...anyone want to pick him up? Just Kidding. He will be loading the truck on Friday and then leaving early on Saturday. Anyone want to help me move again??? Not quite kidding ;) I will not be joining him this time because I am waiting for the graduation season to begin in May. I really am signing off this time...really! LOVE you all soooooo much. Lost Boys, Mama K loves you!!
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