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Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Happy Friday, WooHoo! I hope everyone is feeling as good as me today. Do you ever have those days were you just feel like everything is as it should be for a brief moment in time? That's the way I feel today. The boys are finishing up their best week EVER in school, I reserved the rental truck for Dans trip to IL last night, I know a few happy secrets (which is always fun...it IS getting to be the holiday season) and...Dan got offered the FOREMAN position at work on the next job!! Ain't God Great?!! I just feel like skipping around and singing a happy song. I am looking forward to being a family this weekend and enjoying one another's company. Anyway, gotta go, those two year olds don't watch themselves!! Lost Boys, Mama K loves you! We miss everyone and hope to see you all soon. LOVE to all,

Kristy and the Man Crew

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