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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some New Pictures

Hey everyone! Yes, I realize that I just posted last night, but I got some pictures developed this morning...yes, Candy and I are the still using 35mm, but we love it, darn it! Anywho...I have pictures of the house and Dolli's visit with us, so hang on, we're going for a ride down memory lane.

Karen and her Dolli-Gator share a snuggle before she heads for the Azores.
Dan and David show off our new home
Another view of our home with Dan, David and Patrick

Patrick and Derek are still the best of buds and love to play together!
Here we are in front of our home, in all of our radiant glory...thanks Patrick!

Thanks for going on a ride with us! See you soon! Love from the Man Crew

1 comment:

The Ruoss Crew said...

I cannot believe how tall Pat is. And Derek looks huge in Dan's arms! It's amazing how quickly they grow when you are not around them all the time! I think you need to let me in on some of your happy secrets....you aren't going to be calling me a prophetess of doom too...are you?

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