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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Relaxing Holiday...Who Knew?

Don't ya just love those self-taken pictures??
Here is Dan on his first day as Foreman in front of the company truck....so proud!!

Dear Friends and Family,

I am here to report that relaxing holidays do exist! I was quite surprised myself, since I've never had one. This was my first Thanksgiving away from home ever, Honest!! No snickering. Yes, I am 33 and even though I've been away from my parents home for a holiday now and then, or they were out of town for a holiday, we've always celebrated together at some time around the holiday. Not so this year, but I enjoyed myself quite a bit at Mama Lou's house. She is a bit of a character...I ran into her at Wal-Mart not long after I got here and she was wearing a bikini top and cut off short shorts. Big Deal, right? Except that she's 81 years old! So, on Thanksgiving, she shoves right past Karen and I to waltz up to Dan and say, "So who is this you brought with you, Karen?" What a hoot!! Anyway, as the wierdo factor is right up our ally, we had a good time. We spent the rest of the weekend just laying around and relaxing. It was great! I started back to school this week with a refreshed mind and renewed patience, which I have been needing, LOL! All of this to say, that even though I am missing everyone sooooo much, the Lord is blessing us here, also. He is providing us a chance to renew our relationships with each other without all the hubbub of our "former" life. I wish I was up there sometimes, but I cherishing the lack of demands on my time as well. I have time to do things that I have nearly forgotten how to do, like read a whole book in under 6 months, or paint my toenails, or take a nap on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. I appreciate all the prayers that so many of you have been praying on our behalf. Keep praying...it's working! Dan is trying so hard to make the right choices and we are rebuilding our life one brick at a time. Speaking of Dan, he is coming to your town as of Thursday evening, and will be in town until Saturday morning. If you want to stop by and see him, I'm sure he would love that. He will be loading the moving truck all day Friday and then driving back on Sat and Sun. Sounds fun, right? Anywho~ I need to scoot, Derek is getting into something by now, I'm sure!! We miss you all so much! To the Lost boys, Mama K loves you! Love to all!


Kristy and the Man Crew

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Anonymous said...

hey aunt kristy! its jay. i was able to get on the web at my friends house. i miss all of you very very much. i will be at the library more often now. i will type as much as i can. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!

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