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Saturday, April 1, 2017

No Pants April~ Kick Off

Hi Friends! It's time to kick off that fun filled month of April with another round of No Pants April!
Here's the rules:
~When you leave the house, cover your lower half with something that is NOT pants. Like skirts, dresses, jumpers, kilts, skorts, culottes, etc. If you live where it's still cold, feel free to wear leggings under your skirt (but not INSTEAD of).
~Leggings are NOT pants. The end. *winks*
That's it. No other rules. Simple.

However, here are some other suggestions:
~If you have to wear a uniform to work, please let common sense prevail and don't get fired. Just wear your No Pants April attire elsewhere, like at home, at the store, while running errands, hanging out with friends or at church.
~If you are playing along and use hashtags, please use #NoPantsApril and #NPA2017.
~Have FUN! Ladies, this is a great excuse to enjoy some retail therapy, make a few skirts, or in my case, have a friend make you a few skirts, and enjoy some time at the local thrift store.

I'm wearing skirts pretty much all the time, even at home and at the gym.

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