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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Funny Thing Happened the Other Day...

I don't know about your place, but my house is full is random silliness, crazy antics, too many pets and LOTS and LOTS of boys. I often think to myself, "Surely this kind of ridiculousness happens only at my house. So, in honor of the "Only at MY House" Moments, I submit this silliness.

Pat and Nathan went to IHOP a few days ago to grab a bite and finish up a serious conversation they were having. I stayed home to put DT to bed, clean up after Game Night and enjoy a few minutes of quiet. They made it back and went straight through the living room on their way to Pat's room. I realized a few minutes later that I'd never heard the video games resume...or Pat's bedroom door close. It was then that I realized I was being watched from the kitchen doorway and they were whispering behind their hands to each other. Sensing an ambush, I started to feel nervous. Here's what happened next.

Pat, walking towards me says to Nathan, "Remember what we were talking about at dinner...about my mom?"
Me, still sensing danger, "Umm, you were talking about me at dinner?"
Pat, arriving at the couch where I was sitting, and speaking to me, "Mom, I"m going to pull your skirt up a little." (raises the hem of my skirt from the tops of my feet to just below my knees)
Me, completely baffled at this turn of events, "Umm, whaaaat?!?" (Apparently I'm not as good with the witty comebacks as I used to be)
Pat, again to Nathan, "See? Told ya."
Nathan, obviously impressed, "Whoa, they ARE huge!!"
Me, smacking Pat's hand off of my hemline, "What is the Sam Hill is going on around here?"
Both of them start laughing hysterically and talking at the same time, telling me that apparently my muscular calves were on the conversation list while at IHOP and they are both impressed at how big they are.
I've always had large calves, not in a bad way, but in a I'm-pretty-strong-and-my-calves-don't-have-room-to-stretch-out-long-ways way, so they are bulky. I'm fine with it, and none of this exchange hurt my feelings, but seriously, I HAVE to the only one who has this craziness going on at her house.

In other news, it's a good thing I have a sense of humor and a decent self-esteem. *winks*
What goes on Only At Your House?

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