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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Weekend Away!

Zia Park Hotel and Casino
Dan had to work all weekend long and Amy was coming up to visit Doug (whom Dan shares an apt with) so Dan got bumped to the local hotel/casino. He called and asked me to come up for the weekend and I made the necessary arrangements and caught a ride up with Amy and her little cuties. We laughed and talked all the way there, and then shared a late lunch with Dan and Doug before they decided to call it an early day. Dan and I headed to the hotel and checked in, and then went in search of a WalMart and a laundromat, because Dan needed clean clothes, and well...because we know how to party on a Saturday night. *giggles*
We got the clothes done and headed back to the hotel, and Dan took me to the fancy-schmancy steak house in the casino. The food was delicious and the ambiance was just right. SOOOOO quiet and elegant. Dan and I talked and laughed our way through dinner and then called it an early night since he had to work the next morning.
Sunday morning he left for work and I spent a happy morning tidying our room, reading, watching Food Network and digging around/updating some things on the blog. Dan came back to the hotel around 3 and we spent the afternoon just lounging around, watching TV and enjoying not being interrupted 72 times an hour. Later that evening we went to a walk around the lake and laughed at the ducks and geese trying to get our attention. Again, we turned in early since Dan had to work on Monday.
Monday after Dan headed to work, I started updating the blog in earnest. I think I posted about 20 posts, mostly No Pants April, but still it felt good to be blogging again. I read some more, I watched a little TV, I tidied our room and went for a walk. At lunchtime, Dan showed up unexpectedly and announced that he would be working late and that I would have to stay another night and day. Eeek! I'd promised BossMan and BossLady that I'd be back at work Tuesday morning. So I made a few calls and sent a few texts, and soon I'd made all the arrangements to stay another day. And while I'd initially kinda freaked out about it, I soon got used to the idea of staying another day.
Things Change. Story of my life, LOL!
At 2:30 Dan appeared again, and announced that Doug had changed his mind and that I needed to hurry up and pack so we could get on the road. They were going to work late on Tuesday instead, so that he could get me home Monday evening, get a full night's rest and head back. And so that's what happened.
I feel like I should be sharing some deep thoughts I had while I was uninterrupted for a while, or that I read 6 books in 1 weekend, or that Dan and I had some inspirational break-through in our marriage, but I can't share anything like that. We just enjoyed one another's company, slept well and actually talked. Not about anything deep or Earth-shattering, just good fun conversations. And that's enough.

Thank you to HB for putting Hercules up in a hotel for a few days. A HUGE thank you to Amy for letting me tag along with her and the kiddos. And, well...Thanks to Hercules for wanting to spend time with me after all these years.

*Pics to come later.

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