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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Screen Free Month: March 2015 UPDATE

 Hi friends, just a quick update to let you know we're both still alive :) We've finally gotten over the cravings of the first week and are now more able to entertain ourselves. We've planted flowers, cooked and baked together, gotten a ton of school done, done magic tricks and science experiments, worked with Dan and Grma in the yard, played more card/board games than you can imagine, gone to bed on time and read like crazy. I could get used to this. :)
Derek is still struggling a little bit when he has no one to play with, but overall is doing quite well. He's riding bikes, making friends with the neighbors, jumping on the trampoline, reading in bed at night and playing with the dog.
I was horrified at how much I miss FB and chatting with my friends on there, but that is passing slowly. The other thing that I didn't realize is how much I had gotten in the habit of zoning out in front of the TV with Dan late in the evening. That one is proving to be a difficult habit to break. It's "spending time with Dan" and while that is his love language and isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's also a way of being together without actually having to put any effort into our relationship. So we're talking more, doing yard work together, moving boxes together and seeing our relationship improve along the way. I can live with that.
Anywho, no more time to blog as DT is waiting semi-patiently to play a game of Pirate Fluxx with me, so I must scoot. Have a wonderful day, my friends!
    Blessings, ~K~

Update: Well, I guess this is an update to an update, but I digress. It's the 18th and the past several days have been total failures in the Screen Free area. Dan turned the TV on this weekend and told DT he could watch with him, so Sat and Sun were total losses. Monday we did much better as T was over and they were playing together, but Tuesday necessitated Patrick watching him for a while and they played video games together the whole time. And Pat is currently watching him while I get some things done and I'd bet the whole farm they are playing video games again. RATS. But, life goes on, we will just get back on track tomorrow. Hurray for tomorrow. ~K~

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