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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random Recent Pictures

Since I've fallen so far behind in posting pics, I'm going to just post an assortment from the past few months and call it done. Hope that's OK with all of you. I'll label them, and offer some idea what is going on in them. Here we go...
Carissa loves her Nana Karen. The feeling is quite mutual, I assure you!

We hosted a Magic Tourney...and much hilarity ensued

Z sports a squid hat...
David is a cool Viking...

And Patrick is??? We're not sure. LOL!

Devin and Annabel came to visit from TX

Karen was especially delighted to see her "Sugarbaby"

Carissa kept getting cuter! Tyler is really coming into his own as a parent. I'm quite impressed

Karen and Charlie celebrated 40 years of friendship in Sept.

Carissa turned 1, and got cuter.

...And cuter still!

David turned 17 and even though he wouldn't let us sing Happy Birthday to him, he did accept a few presents. A cool new blade from Dad and a butterfly knife from Charlie being the favorites.

David worked up a new resume to pursue being a stunt double like Auntie Jodi, and in a rare splash of goodwill, allowed me to take pictures of him to add to his portfolio. I'll take it!

He even smiled. And what a sweet smile it is :)

And cuter still. Oooooooooooooooo, she is so adorable, I want to gobble her up

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