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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

BREAD FAIL. My bread developed a huge bubble on the top that then cracked off and left a hole. Bummer. Oh well, it was still tasty, and that's what counts.
FOR TODAY...May 1, 2012

Outside my window...the sun shines brightly as it begins it's decent for the day. Cars zip past in a hurry to get home as I linger at the local Starbucks.

I am thinking...that taking a few hours for yourself every once in a while is a smashing idea and I wonder why I don't do it more often (I know, I know. If I did, it wouldn't be such a treat)

I am thankful...that Dan encourages me to get away once in a while. Being the mother of all boys is not for the faint of heart. Actually, parenting period isn't for the faint of heart. So retreating once in a while to relax, remember who you are, or just listen to the quiet is good for you.

In the kitchen...mac and cheese with hamburger and steamed broccoli. We are doing a pantry challenge at the Man Crew House this month. (It means we are going as long as we can without purchasing any more food.) Wanna play along? I am hoping to get at least 2-3 weeks out of the pantry/fridge/freezer.

I am wearing...Jeans, a brown floral t-shirt, comfy shoes and a messy bun.
I am creating...a scrap booking/reading/quiet room in the house so I won't have to run away from home to enjoy some quiet from now on : )

I am going...nowhere tomorrow. Glorious! I think Wednesday has become my fave day since D doesn't have gym and I can be home ALLLL day

I am wondering...if having accountability partners will help me meet my goals for this month and beyond.

I am reading..."Unclaimed Baggage" and 2 Corinthians this month. I'm sadly behind on my yearly reading goals as posted here, but the library isn't being too cooperative about helping me find the books I want to read. I will find them eventually and catch up

I am hoping...to meet my monthly goals. (Turn overflow room into quiet sanctuary, do school regularly again, have a date with Dan, read my Bible each day, catch up on some of my reading list, listen to one audio book,  start Financial Peace University and work out at least 3 days a week)

I am looking forward to...being well rested again soon after working nights for 4 years.

I am learning...that the best of intentions don't count for much. It's what you DO that counts.

Around the house...the usual. Men of various ages everywhere, laundry waiting to be folded, dishes waiting to be loaded into the DW, one little boy needing to be bathed and put to bed, and the TV blaring. (Hence the reason I'm hiding at Starbucks. Just sayin' LOL)

I am pondering...what would happen if politicians ever kept their promises. Just kidding, I don't have that much brain power right now. I'll think about that next month :D

A favorite quote for today..."No matter how deep our darkness -- He is deeper still." Corrie Ten-Boom

One of my favorite things...a sunny window seat for curling up to read a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, home blessing, Game Night, gym for D, hanging out the garage with Dan and making the overflow room become a safe haven.

A peek into my day...well it won't move down here. Go back to the top and check it out. ha ha ha

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Reecea Henderson said...

Nice post. Love the photo, and I bet the boys didn't care about the way it looked. Thanks for sharing your day. Good luck with your pantry challenge.

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