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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the huge things that make or break your day, week, month or life. It's the little things. So in honor of the little things, list a few with me that made your day, week, month or life brighter or sweeter.

  • It's spending the day as a family going bowling and laughing ourselves silly over how BAD Mama is. (seriously, Derek beat me.) However, D and P are both improving. They both cleared over a 100 both games, with D getting a turkey in the second game and ending with a score of 166.

  • It's knowing the LAST load of laundry is just about dry

  • It's having recipes and all the ingredients to fill the freezer with healthful meal options that are ready when Mama is not.

  • It's knowing that your accountability partners will ask you to be just that.
  • It's remembering that friends and family are coming to visit over the coming summer break. : )
  • It's being old enough to know better!

I like the idea of this style of post. If you like it too, add your little things! I'm making it a goal to focus on the positive this year...Join me!

Haven't done one of these in a long time. I'm ready to get back to it!


Anonymous said...

Its about laughing and not yelling when your boys get a lawn tractor stuck in the muddy farm field.

Its also about having good friends across the country who encourage you daily in all you do. Even though you have never met. I am so thankful for you and April. You both encourage me daily to keep doing what I am doing.
Heather Harrison

Rhonda said...

Holding a chicken egg, still warm, just laid!
It's about holding a sleepy child for just a few more minuets before tucking her into bed!
It's about hearing your children laughing together!
It's about hearing your oldest son calling you Mommy, and when he is asked why? He says cuz that is who she is!

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