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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching Up With the Man Crew

Hey everyone. I'm just passing through on a lazy Tuesday evening. Dan and David are gone. Pat has already been sent to bed and Derek is watching a movie. And I find myself with a few minutes of spare time (I can hear the collective *GASP* from here) So, without further ado, let's catch up a bit.
  • Dan continues to be 'out of work' but stays busy with side jobs, projects around the house and catching up on sleep. Looks like he has a good lead on a job that would keep him here in town (hurray) and starting next Monday. Praise God, and keep praying. I think if he could continue to find enough side jobs, I'd encourage him to start his own business. He's just great at it. He's still working out diligently several days a week and is enjoying it. He can bench press 315 pounds. WOW! He's even taken David a time or two and put him through the paces. 
  • Me? I'm entertaining myself by 'filling the freezer' along with some Internet friends. So that means in the last 8 days, I've prepared and placed in the freezer; 3 loaves of wheat bread, 3 loaves of banana bread, homemade baking mix (like Bisquick), cinnamon rolls, baked oatmeal and and and...something else that I can't remember right now. I'm also hosting and participating in a 'pantry challenge' which encourages us to use up what we have on hand instead of going to the store for MORE MORE MORE, when we have plenty at home. I'm into week 2 now and going strong, even though I've had my dinner plans interrupted a time or two. Also started the Couch to 5K program last week (goodness, I'm a busy bee in May) AND got myself 2 accountability partners to keep me on track and out of trouble. They will have their hands full, I'm sure of it. :D Getting school done with Dan home can be a challenge, so I am just doing the best we can, and if all else fails, I throw up my hands, turn on a documentary on Netflix and call it a day. Everyone talks about homeschooling flexibility (especially me) but I think I'm approaching pretzel status with all the twists and turns we've had in the past 8 weeks.
  • David is already looking forward to next gymnastic season, and working hard at the gym to start gearing up for it, even though it's still 9 months away. As an added bonus, Mama found a set of parallel bars for him to use at home~ so he's been teaching the brothers some moves. The past 2 days he has gone to work on a side job with Dan. And not only can Mama count that as life experience for school, but he also made some money. That's what we call a double bonus! He's been working hard to stay caught up in school, and soon we need to sit down and count points to see where we are for wrapping up the freshman year. I'm thinking we're a bit short yet, but since we don't get out of school until the end of July, we still have time to finish up.
  • Patrick is having a tough week. He is struggling with the desire to do school, chores or get along with his brothers. Hopefully this will pass quickly. Pray for us as parents to have wisdom to help him through it. He's not a bad kid, just having a rough patch.
  • Derek is himself. Just a silly dilly boy who loves to play outside, hang out with his big brothers and watch too much TV. His school is coming along well. Last week we spent two days working on a lapbook project (you can see it over at www.homeschooledhooligans.blogspot.com) He enjoyed it and if you get too close, he will fill your head with turtle facts : )
  • The family as a whole is enjoying Dan being home more, our new subscription to Netflix (Dan and David are currently watching a documentary about arm wrestling. Men.) and finishing up the last few boxes that have been hiding for the past weeks. (Anyone seen my iPod charger?) I'm still working on the 'overflow' room and trying to turn it into a scrapbooking/quiet retreat room. Racing season at the dirt track that we enjoy so much has started and we are hoping to enjoy that often this summer, since I won't be working on Saturday nights at Kohls.
I think that's all the news that IS news for now. Thanks for checking in with us. : )
     Blessings,  Kristy

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