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Thursday, March 29, 2012

LOL, Still Behind

The move is officially behind us now. We moved on the 17th, unpacked like mad for what felt like years but wasn't that that long in reality. By the next day, we were serving up homemade meals again on 'real' dishes. My Mom is a wonder. Energizer bunny style energy, for sure. I WILL post some pics of the house I promise. Just need to get home to my flash drive.
Anywho, all in all, with the move completely FINISHED (did the move out walk through with the old landlord today) I can say with a touch of hindsight that moving up the block instead of across the country or across town is much better, but it does tend to drag it out a bit. It was nice to have the luxury of making small trips once or twice a day instead of all in one day craziness, but on the other hand, it felt like it was never going to really truly done. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other, I suppose. At any rate, we are moved in, settled and loving it.
Dad and Mom are cozy in their master suite downstairs. (I love that jacuzzi tub!) Mom and I have piled all the bath beads, lotions, candles and other potions we can find as we unpack and apparently, I NEVER need to buy another scented soap, candle or lotion. (how sad)
The boys are loving their new rooms. Each one is a tad bigger than the last house and so now they have room to actually hang out in their rooms. David is trying really hard to be patient about us getting around to painting his room as it's an embarrassing shade of purple (he's 14, give him a break, right?) Derek is kind enough to share his double closet with us since our closet is full of shelves. Not that Dan or I have tons of hanging clothes, so it's no big.
Dan and I have made ourselves quite cozy up in the rec room/upstairs master. There is plenty of room for both 'areas' so it's all good. The 'library' or large closet with shelves on all 3 sides upstairs has quickly become the home off all our books, the linen closet items, extra games, scrap-booking stuff and even most of the craft supplies. (I think it's my favorite room in the house, LOL) Mom is pressing me to use their private LR as my office/crafting room, and while I would love to, I know they need their space, too. So, we are still working on a compromise that we are both happy with for that room. However, for right this second, it's being called the overflow room and is full of things that we are sorting out in the process of unpacking and arranging the garage. : ) It's nice to have a room for that!
Over all, probably the best move ever. Tiresome, but doable because for the most part, we could unpack it as quickly as it was getting to the new house. Life is good.
Come on down and see us sometime. We've got enough space to share for a while! Love to all

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The Ruoss Crew said...

So glad you guys found a place and are settling in. We know from experience that multi-generational households can be a great experience for everyone...just takes some give and take (which you and your mom excel at!). Enjoy your time together!

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