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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holy SMOKES! 6 weeks?

Has it really been 6 weeks since I've posted anything? I am SO sorry. Goodness, where to start? My mind is scrambled at the moment, so please forgive any spelling, grammar or crazy mistakes in this, and it's certainly NOT going to be in any cohesive order. I think I'll use bullets and just have at it.
  • We are moving! On Saturday the 17th, so the luck of the Irish and the Blessings of God will be upon us. : ) We actually got the keys on Tuesday, 2 days early : ) and have been busily taking things over each day since, so that Saturday won't be too terrible.
  • Yes, we are moving AGAIN, but we are so excited. My parents (Larry and LaVonda) will be moving in with us! For now, it will be as snowbirds each year when they come for the winter, and when they are not in residence, we will have an awesome guest suite to share. When the time comes due to health issues, it will be permanent. The house is perfect for 2 families living together. 1st floor master with huge walk in closet, plus full private bath, and private sitting room. 3 bedrooms, rec room (which we will use as our master bedroom) and a full bath upstairs.
  • David has been doing well in his gymnastics competitions this year as well, even though the first one or two were very different than what we are used to, since he changed from compulsory level to optionals. Different scoring, different routines, different everything except how much he loves it. Coach has high hopes of David making it to regionals again this year. The state meet (where he could qualify for regionals) is the weekend after the move. He's pretty excited.
  • Patrick has already been packed for about 2 weeks. He's excited about the new house. It has a large slant ceiling closet under the steps that he has claimed for his 'gaming den'. We will see if he actually gets to have it, as I need somewhere to put my cleaning supplies, but maybe we can share. He is big enough this move to be quite a helper and I think he's excited to be counted as one of the big dogs this move.
  • Derek is concerned about the move. He says he's afraid he won't be able to find the bathroom : ) But has been busily packing his books and toys anyway.
  • EVERYONE is excited about having a pool table at the new house. It will be a great addition to game night for sure, and when Dad is having a good day, we can help him get up there and play some as well.
  • I'm excited about matching appliances, a fancy oven, and unlimited hot water. Ha ha ha!
  • Must get back to packing, packing, packing. Mom has been a great help. She seems to have limitless energy. And they say youth is wasted on the young *winks*

Ok, really must scoot now. I'll try to not let another 6 weeks go by without a post. LOVE to all!

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