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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gymnastics Season 2: Level 8

David wins EVERYTHING at the State Meet.
David skipped level 7 this year and went straight to competing at level 8. It's been an interesting change for him and he worried that he wouldn't do well this year as he tried to get a handle on the changes from compulsory gymnastics to optionals gymnastics. Well, in true David form, he's done quite well for himself. The coach is pleased with his advancement, and I'd have to say, so are we.
Sorry that I haven't posted tons of pictures like any proud parent should do, but between the travelling for meets, the 4 part time jobs, homeschooling and the move, I just haven't kept up like I should. (My apologies David, I took pictures, I just need to post them) Anywho, blah blah blah...get to the good stuff, right? Well, suffice it to say that we are the proud parents of THE Level 8 (ages 11-14) NM State Champ. 1st in every event. Yeah, that feels good to say. *winks*
Regionals is in Colorado Springs, CO in the middle of April. He is already tweaking his routine so that he does well there. He's pretty excited as we are also. David, in case you haven't noticed, we are SO proud of you.
OK, now I need to go find the buttons that popped off my shirt from being so proud :D
David won the handstand contest at the Las Cruces Invitational and got to do that cool trick with the Cruces Gym coach.

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