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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Again, my Friends

Just popping through to say HI to all my friends and family that try to keep track of me on here. It's been a hectic few months filled with school, gymnastics meets, travels, and much chaos. As things are simmering down a bit, I'll be around more often again. Hope that's ok with you all *winks* For now, just a hello and a quick update.

  • In April, David made the gymnastic regionals in his first year of competing. And then placed in every event!!

  • Also in April, my father became quite ill and spent the weekend in the hospital and then a month in a nursing home/rehab center.

  • SO~ we made one trip count for two. Went to CO for the regionals, took a right turn and drove until IL and spent 5 weeks there. GOOD times! More on that at a later time.

  • The great thing about homeschool is that you can take it with it, and when that fails because you are so busy, it can just wait until you get back home. The kids are playing with cousins, hanging out with grandparents and visiting old friends. The lessons learned about taking care of family are some of the ones kids don't learn at school anymore.

  • David is about to finish his 8th grade year and will start homeschool high school in the fall. WOWZERS, when did that sneak up?

  • Patrick is wrapping up his 6th grade year and will be enjoying middle school all by himself next year since D will have moved up.

  • Derek is (sigh) finishing his Kindergarten year and is starting to sound out words. He is quite proud of himself.

  • Dan is currently unemployed, but as this is a normal part of the construction life, we are not worried. He's taking great pleasure in having the time to work on all those projects he generally doesn't have time to enjoy. The current project is a new (to us) motor for the dune buggy which hasn't been running well in quite a while.

  • Dan got a kitten for Father's Day and it's the best gift we ever got him. He even allows that silly thing to sleep on his head : )

  • Me? I guess I must be boring. I'm still working at Kohl's, working at the gym on Saturday mornings, still teaching school, baking bread and spending too much time on Facebook. ;) Still spreading my own personal brand of sunshine wherever I go. That's me.

That's enough for now. I'll try to post some pics of our trips, antics and silliness, but I'm not going to go back and try to tell all that's happened since I was regularly posting. I'll just pick up and start again. I hope to be catching up on some of your blogs soon also! Much love and God Bless, ~K~

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Kayla said...

Yay! Welcome back! I am so glad you were able to go be with your dad/family during his recovery....homeschooling is awesome for just that reason!

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