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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging After Dark : )

Hello all and greetings from Sunny and HOT AS THE BLAZES New Mexico. : ) We are experiencing record breaking stretches of triple digit heat here, but since we have A/C, and running water, all is well. Life is good here on the surface of the sun, LOL! School will be out in less than 2 weeks (yes we homeschool year round, just saying) Our niece will be here in the same amount of time to spend 2 weeks enjoying the sun and fun here and Dan went back to work this week! It's all good! I just got home from work a bit ago and am heading to bed, but since I'm trying to carve out time to blog again, well this is it *hee hee* No pics this time either as the flash drive is in the dark bedroom with the sleeping Hercules, so I'll try to post some new pics soon. Mostly, just waving a hand to everyone and saying, "Hey, don't forget about us! We're still here."
~K~ and the Man Crew

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