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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 Years??

4 years ago yesterday. That's when David, Derek, my Mom and I arrived in NM where Dan and Patrick were already setting up house. It would be our first time living farther than a few miles from our parents. It was the first time we'd be living far away from our high school and youth group friends. We were in a terrible place in our marriage, undecided about whether we should just throw in the towel, or keep fighting what seemed like an endless uphill battle. We'd lost our home, our pride and our self-respect somewhere along the way. And then, God led (that should read dragged) us here, and we started a new chapter in our life. One that was centered on Him. One that made family (our nuclear family) a priority, not just by a conscious choice, but by not knowing a single person in this town except for my sister and nephew that we were living with at that time. One that showed us how far off the mark we had become. Since that time, we've moved 3 times, lived with another sister and nephews, had and lost jobs, our sanity and sometimes our temper, but we've grown in the Lord, in our family and in our maturity levels. We do almost everything TOGETHER, sometimes to the amazement of our house guests. We live, laugh, love and learn here at home, because that's where we like to be. Life is good here in NM. Happy anniversary to the Man Crew! Here we are in July 2011

And here we were in 2007 not long after we arrived.

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