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Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Would you like to linger on the simple things...then join me and many others in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those who are focusing on simplicity...beauty of everyday moments. 'Simple Woman'
For Today... November 16, 2009
Outside my window... the calm cool day awaits
I am thinking... that blogging is one of the best inventions EVER...and that being able to make it into a 'real' book is a delightful option.
I am thankful for... time spent with family, just being together, whether hiking, playing board games or just lounging around...family time is happy time
I am wearing... my pjs since I just got up...but as soon as I wrap this up, I'll be changing into my 'let's clean this house' clothes...LOL
I am remembering... a well spent day yesterday hiking and climbing at City of Rocks State Park
I am going... to the library, and to work, that's all for today.
I am reading... Mad Mary by Liz Higgs Curtis (a re-read, but decidedly worth it) Kingdom Tales and Life Made From Scratch
I am hoping... to squeeze in some more reading time before working tonight, I have been missing time to read
On my mind... many things, but finance/housing issues and trusting God are at the top of the list. My goodness, trusting is HARD sometimes!
From the learning rooms... looking forward to another great week like last week! We are really getting into our MFW curriculum, and the ABeka 'core' subjects are humming along nicely, too! Time to start hunting for new book basket books
I am noticing that... a few minutes of tidying each evening makes waking up a much nicer thing.
I am pondering... what growing older in spirit while growing younger in body must feel like (watched 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons' last night) Hmmm...
Around the kitchen... dishes are waiting to be washed, dried and used again, bread has already been baked for the week, including a fancy braided loaf (mmmm) and it's time to head to the grocery store again, glad it's not my turn..LOL~ Here are the meal plans for the week...
  • Monday~ Chicken and pepper skillet
  • Tuesday~ Spaghetti and Garlic bread with Salad
  • Wednesday~ BLT's with carrot sticks and dip
  • Thursday~ Pork Chops, stuffing and Salad
  • Friday~Pizza
  • Saturday~Tacos
  • Sunday~ Stuffed peppers
Around the house... boys are playing nicely together right now, laundry is caught up, a stinky project awaits in my room (sigh) and it's time to get to DOING instead of sitting here thinking...LOL
One of my favorite things... Oh the choices! A sleepy Sunday evening spent after a day of much activity.
A picture thought I am sharing with you... Here is my oldest with the youngest. 'Shua is holding Derek and had the puppy on the other side of his lap. Derek just clibed up there and went to sleep on Fiday night. 'Shua is going to be such a great day someday!


Ann @ HouseOfEstrogen said...

How are you making your blog into a real book?
As usual, love your organization with meals!! Someday...
Have a great week!

Arlene said...

I love Liz Curtis Higgs - her Bad Girl books really make you think!

Really enjoyed your Daybook. Have a blessed week.

Karen said...

Your menu for this week sounds delicious. Can I come to your house for dinner?? (Just kidding!) Have a great week!!! Karen

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

OH you also are a "read three at one time" kind of girl...like me!

~ Judy ~ said...

Hi! I'm SO GLAD that you stopped by A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings today because your visit led me HERE...to this wonderful blog!
I TOTALLY LOVE your Daybook!!!!
We really think alike...right down to the style of menu we cook for our families! I would think you'd peeked in my pantry!
The photo of your sons is beautiful!
Big brothers full of love are an awesome gift of God!
"Life Made from Scratch"...now that sounds like a great book!
We have a 12 week meal planner in production...it's almost finished.
It will be available at http://www.thebestofhomeschoolfaithandfamilylife.com/
(our website) but I'd love to send you a copy as a gift if you're interested!
God bless your beautiful family!

Katie said...

I think blogging is really great too! It gets me to write down all those things I say I want to write down!

Have a great week!

Tara said...

I love your title, would fit here except I had the 4th and I finally had my girl. I had no idea you had the other blog about weight. It was really nice to see, I am in the learning process of what is good eating and trying to more fiber. I have cooked home made for a long time. Problem is hubby loves fried foods and meats. Which is no good for my waist line. I will definitely visit you again! Good luck and many blessings

Regina said...

i saw your comment over on elm's blog and saw in your profile you are from cruces so i thought i would say hi. i grew up in el paso and graduated from NMSU. it is always fun for me to see pictures from home (because i am FAR from there now!)

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