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Monday, November 30, 2009

November Catch up Post

Hello Turkey! I can't wait to gobble you up, no pun intended!

Oh my gravy...is it the end of November ALREADY? When did that happen? Sorry about the pitiful state of my blog this month, we've just been busy, busier, and busiest around here. School is in full swing,,,4 days a week with Fridays being 'life lesson' day...grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking, baby chasing lessons, etc. ABeka for Arithmetic and Language Arts and then My Father's World for Bible, Art, History, Science, Music and Geography. We studied an overview of the world, maps and globes in the early part of the month, and have started our study on North America that will last until the new year. David is still doing gymnastics thanks to Jodi's generosity and is at the gym on T, TH and F from 4:30 to 7:30, and 8-9 on Sat AM. Phew...that's a LOT of gymnastics. Happily, it coordinates nicely with Jodi's tutoring job at the gym and she does almost all of the ferrying back and forth. We work on getting all of school done before he has to leave, which helps Mama with her accountability with school not dragging on all day. Pat is looking forward to joining a karate class soon after the new year and is doing well in school...settles in and gets it done. He's finally caught on to the concept of just working instead of fussing about it and then you can get back to the playing. (Thank you Jesus!) He really enjoys his tent room and spends many happy hours there, making little forts, reading to himself or the littles and entertaining Titus in there. Dan has introduced him to the idea of working out and set him up a little workout routine which he follows religiously...and even 'coaches' the other kids when they want to play, too. David is hoping for his own room soon, but that depends on what size house we can find when we move from here. Derek is catching on to his letters, colors and numbers quite well, considering I only sit and do 'formal' school with him about one day a week. Other days is just reading to him, singing songs and educational videos. He LOVES to get up to the table with the big boys and 'help' do project with them...and I'm fine with that. It's the busy season for me at work right now and I'm not ashamed to admit that working until 2-3 AM 4 nights a week is kicking my behind. I keep telling myself that it's only for the next few weeks...but at 7 AM the next morning, I don't really care, I just want to sleep more. I find myself discouraged that I haven't even BEGUN my Christmas prep yet. There's been no money to buy gifts and no time to craft gifts, so maybe I'll steal Jodi's idea and promise everyone a date. We shall see how that goes. I'm having trouble even finding my Christmas spirit this year yet, so I ordered White Christmas from Netflix and put it at the top of my Que...LOL! That should help. Dan is still working, still in Hurley and still hating it. He actually said the other day that he had considered walking off the job (Dear God in Heaven...NNNNoooooooo!) The one co-worker just refuses to behave like a grown up and is driving him to distraction. Same guy actually threatened Dan the other day (he MUST be crazy) Anywho, I'm just praying that he can manage to deal until his job switches to somewhere else. I just keep saying to myself that the Lord will provide...and He will, just not necessarily in my timing or the way I want. And that's the hard part. But that's ok too, because the hard stuff brings growth in my life, and I need that.
Moving on...Thanksgiving was great, Karen and Ty, plus 'Shua and Lauren came for dinner with us. Everyone pitched in to get dinner on the table and it was delish! Dan helped me with the Turkey and I think Julia Child would have been proud. No turkey has ever been so lovingly prepared for the oven...Muahahahah! We sat around the table and chatted a while, then Dan put away food and Karen did the dishes....can it be Thanksgiving EVERY day?? : ) We went and had pie at Mama Lou's house and chatted with everyone there. Friday we spent the day at home doing absolutely nothing...and doing it well! Saturday was our pie and coffee get together and was essentially a game night without pizza. We ate pie and guzzled coffee until we were on a sugar high and had bloated tummies, then sat and played games for hours. It was AWESOME...really enjoyed it. So here it is, the last day of November: Dan is at work in Hurley, the boys are in bed and all I am hearing is the dryer tumbling our last load of clothes for the day and myself typing, I'm headed out for work in 30 minutes and life is full. And good. And God is blessing us... in SPITE of us. A few prayer requests and then some pictures to get you up to date.
  • Dan could use some prayer to calm his pressure at work, he's about to be at the breaking point.

  • I need to get the house back to being a safe haven for him so that he can rest and refresh while he is at home.

  • While we are making great strides in our schooling adventures, there is always room for improvement. Jodi and I were talking today that I always say that this is the best year EVER for homeschooling...and it is, but as I look back, I always see what I could have done better, or not done at all, or differently, and sometimes I get frustrated that it isn't going as well as it could, or I'm not keeping up with with homeschooling Jones' so prayer for me to remember that I'm doing the best I can, or if I'm not, to use that discouragement as EN~couragement to change directions and make THIS the best year ever....PERIOD.
  • Jodi and Aaron are going through some changes and are struggling a bit...pray for them, their marriage and their children. Help Dan and I to be better examples of not only forgiveness, determination, and making it work, but of love.
  • Karen and Ty are going to Cali for Christmas to see Dolli and family. Travelling mercies and to have a wonderful time together!

  • Dan and I need to get back to having regular time together, away from the kids and the house. Prayers for not only the TIME to do that, but the opportunity to do that without sacrificing what little family time we have at this point.

My goodness...this post seems a bit dark. Sorry about that...negativity is rearing it's head today. I am really frustrated about several things over which I have no control, and that frustrates me too...LOL! On the upside...Advent starts tomorrow, Dan will be home in 3 days and we have NEW friends coming for game night...all is well! OK, a few pics and I'm done...this is MUCH longer than I anticipated. Hugs all around!

Pat is hard at work...he's a champ!

David LOVES his long hair!

A place for plans to keep me on track

Oooo, look at Daddy's new fish!

'Shua and James enjoy some time with Rusty...he's so cute!

Jared and Kelly have made a masterpiece...man, we need to get a life if that is considered entertainment...LOL~

Devin turned 15 this week...he's getting so grown up!

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