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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sweet Days and Cool Nights

Greetings from Sunny New Mexico! LIfe has been good this week...the boys have figured out the new pecking order and have settled a bit from last week. We did school all week with no major problems (thank you, Jesus!!) Dan has returned from Ruidoso again and had a fun time up there working all night and sleeping all day. Jodi has pounded the pavement looking for a job and has several good possibilities already. I have worked several days this week and Jodi is doing a great job of holding down the fort while I am gone. I found the coolest video EVER yesterday and I want to share it with you so click www.mychurch.org/blog/30635 if you want to see it. Oh, Dan and I had a ball last weekend for our anniversary. We didn't do anything super fantastically exotic, but we had dinner and went to see a funny movie and enjoyed being together. I think it was one of first anniversaires that we truly enjoyed one another's company...sigh...it was so nice! Anywho~it's 1:30 in the morning and I need some sleep to ta~ta for now!

Love to all,

Kristy, Jodi and the ever growing Man Crew

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