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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm back!!

Greetings from STILL warm New Mexico! We hit 90 again yesterday, but the nights are getting deliciously cool...hurray!! As for my prolonged absence and odd blogging schedule, I can only blame 'Puter, who has been giving us trouble for weeks and was finally fixed with a new hard drive put in by yours truly, a feat that astounded even Dan. At any rate, I should be back to my regular blogging schedule and keeping you up to date on our life here in the wilds of NM. Dan is working Tularosa this week after weeks in Ruidoso...but at least this week, he's riding back and forth instead of being gone all week. I am working 5 nights this week, but by the week;s end I will be dead on my feet, but those are the days when it's even nicer that Jodi is here: yesterday she sent me to take a nap (she didn't have to tell me twice...hee hee) and then she did school with the crowd of boys. We have started lap booking for some fun history lessons...basically taking file folders and turning them into 3-d projects that have TONS of info inside of them...way more fun than a boring history lecture and then writing an essay! So, that has been our home schooling adventure for the week so far, although I must admit, I'm letting Jodi handle most of that. Our next homeschooling adventure may be to try home school gym at the local gymnastics place. On Tuesdays, they have home school day....45 min of gymnastics instruction, 45 min of swimming lessons, a lunch time and 45 min of open gym....how fun does THAT sound?? I am looking into ways to be sure I can get them there even on the weeks that Dan has the van before I sign them up, but they are pretty excited about it. At any rate, things are settling into more of a routine now that Jo and the boys have been here for a few weeks and the house is looking better all the time. IN fact, we are going to do some serious cleaning while Jodi is running errands this AM, and when she returns we will head to the park for a picnic and school under a tree...Ahhhh, the joys of homeschooling! We just got our new Usborne books yesterday and will be starting to use them come Monday, so that will have us studying...Arithmetic, History, Health, Language Arts, Science, Spanish, Spelling, Reading and Reading Comprehension, and Bible....phew! But, so far, we are having more fun than last year as I'm trying to make this year more hands on for them so that it's less drudgery and more interesting....wish me luck!! HA HA! Anyway, here I am chattering a way like a magpie and you have things to do as do I, so I bid you a fond farewell until we meet again!! Hugs and Kisses all around!! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you so much!!


Kristy and the Man Crew

PS. Jodi has a blog now, it's at http://www.thethreestarnes.blogspot.com/ and I've linked it to my page, so if you can't find it, look at the top right of my page and find it there!
Jodi and I have invested in some new cookbooks and here is one ofour masterpieces...homemade, from scratch mac and cheese with bacon and onions on top!!! YUM~O~
Here are we all enjoying the yummy dinner together.... I think we need a bigger table...LOL!
Derek wanted a bite so bad before dinner that he went and found himself a tablespoon and tried to dig in without us!!

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