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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life is Beautiful Down Here

Hey, how is everyone doing tonight? We are all well here at the Meyer/Balding/Myers residence. Dolli has arrived, safe and sound and very cute with her little belly. Karen got to feel the baby kick today...it was very sweet. Alec will be here in one week...WooHoo! Josh and Lauren will be here in 12 days...double WooHoo! Patrick and I played a game today called "Patrick is the Teacher"...and "he" got all his work finished for the week in about 2 hours...tests and all! Mama is a very good student..she even got all A's on her tests! Pat was quite proud of her. David got to help Daddy chop down tree limbs for Miss Hilary and earned 5 dollars and ride on the motorcycle. Rumor has it that Dad and Mom will be here for a week in April, we are all excited about that...I hope that rumor is true! So, short and to the point, all is well down here in what Karen calls, "God's Country." Love to all, especially my Lost Boys...Mama K loves you!!
Kristy and the Man Crew

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