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Friday, February 15, 2008

Dan has the Gift of Gifts!

Hello to all our friends and family, far and wide! Sorrry I haven't posted for a few weeks, I will try to do better in the future. Not much has been going on recently, due to the flu which my new charge brought over to us...we were thrilled. David, Pat, Karen and I were all down for at least a week...it was GREAT! Anyway, enough about that. We are all doing much better now and are back to our regularly scheduled life. School has resumed and we are finishing up the semester today...FINALLY! David is working as I write this...LOL! I am writing today about Dan. He is about the best gift giver I ever met. He pays attention to the little things I say about wanting this or that and tucks the info away for a rainy day. Yesterday, he came home with a new sewing machine for me...I was Stunned! I have been wanting one for several years since my last one laid down and died. Now I can finish the quilts I started whe D and P were toddlers! Now I can make curtains for our new home! Now I can make placemats, pillowcases and other pretty things! Now I can...mend Dan's jeans...hahaha! I am waiting for my "girl room" to set it up to stay, but I can keep it in my room for now and take it out whenever I have time to sew. I may just sew a few quilt squares tonight, just because I CAN! Thanks Dan, you Rock!! Just wanted to brag on my guy for a minute. I even took a picture of it so you can all see it. To the Lost Boys, I miss you more than words can express! Everyone else, same to you...I can't wait to visit...I'll be there this summer, if I have to walk with all three kids on my back, just so I can hug all my peoples again! To those who owe me a call, I'm waiting. To those whom I owe a call, I'm working on it, really I am! Feel free to send pics and such, they are treasured! Hug each other in my stead.
Love and Blessings to all,
Kristy and the Man Crew

PS. Well, the add a picture function isn't working right now, so I'll add the picture later. Sorry about that!
PSS. Now it's working...here they are!

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