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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet September Sunshine

My Biggie Boys: Ricky, Shua and Tony

David wakes up with a Sweet Smile

Derek turns 2....CHEESE!!!
Here we are, all the way to September already, in fact, halfway through it ! How did that happen?! I have been here now for a month and we are doing well. Dan is loving his job still and he really enjoys the people that he works for and with. We are adjusting to having him around all the time and it's great. I forget sometimes that he is a lot of fun. HA! The boys started school last week and it is going pretty well after a rough day or so. We took a small trip to Arizona to visit Dan's Mom who was in Phoenix for the week and despite 38 small disasters, we had fun. The next weekend Karen rented us a jacuzzi suite to celebrate our 11th anniversary. We acted like real grownups and everything! The 10 o'clock movie, chocolate covered strawberries with champagne (yuk) and sleeping in until 10 am....Heaven! It was a sweet time for us and a much needed respite after the wacko summer we've had. We sure do appreciate Karen, she's great! I'm still working on getting the film developed so you all can see how beautiful it is here and some of the things we did while in AZ. I will put up some newer pictures when I get them, but until then, these will suffice. We love you all!! Come see us sometime!

Kristy and the Man Crew

PS. The reason that Idon't have any of Patrick is that these were taken while he was in New Mexico with Dan.

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Keep up the good work.

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