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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here We Are... Safe and Sound

Here we are... we have finally arrived in new Mexico and the Meyer Invasion is complete. In a few days, I'm sure that Karen will be hiding from us! We are trying to settle in without taking over, but it is a delicate balance. We are so glad to be a family again...and I am desperately trying to re-institute a schedule so that life will have some sense of normalcy for the boys. Mom left this morning amid many tears...saying goodbye is so hard!! We miss you all so much that it takes my breath away just thinking about it. Call, write, e-mail, text or visit us here on the web...any type of communication is acceptable. Please come visit us here, it is beautiful and we would love to see you. We will cherish all our memories of you all and we hope to visit back in May or June for graduations. Karen and Tyler say hello and send their love, too. To those who may be wondering, Dan is doing well and I see a great change in him already, but please keep praying for him as change is difficult under the best of times and these recent months have not been the best of times. Ha! But the Lord has given us a new start in a new land and we trust that he will preserve us here. God Bless you all and to all my lost boys...Mama K sends a big kiss!


Ramona said...

Hey Kristy,

I'm so glad that you have made it there safely. We all miss you and your family also. I am so happy that you are all together now. We will continue to pray for you and your family. Please give me a call, write or send an email when you can. Your other boys are doing ok. They miss you very much also. Please let me know if you need anything.

Love You Ramona & Family

The Ruoss Crew said...

So glad you are doing well. I've resisted calling while you are trying to settle, but that won't last long! Give Pat a big hug and kiss for me and let him know I miss him most because it has been so long since I have seen him! Oh yeah...Jake is going to love the picture of him waking up : )

amber said...

i miss you! how is the nose doing? :) you should check out my myspace sometime :) its a lot of fun and i use it appropriately. say hi to they guys for me. nice pic. of jacob... i need to have that seriously. made me feel better and trust me...not feelin so hot right now..
love you pocha

Anonymous said...


It's the Russman! Thanks for your e-mail to Carl that he did pass on regarding the birth of our fifth child Quincy. Yes, he is named after the 2nd President and prominent founding father John Quincy Adams. How do I post a picture, of our clan? Nancy is doing well, but in a little pain. We homeschool and have home birthed two of our children. South Dakota is quite drakonian and is persecuting midwives so we reluctantly went back to the doctors, for Quincy's birth. Midwifery is the way to go. Superior care and comfort. I have become quite active, in politics. My role now is rallying our brothers and sisters in Christ to vote. When Christians vote good things happen, in America. I am still pursuing an accounting career, which tends to conflict with our homeschooling schedule too much. I really need to support Nancy more, in this endeavor. Talk to you later.
Always in Christ,

the Russman

(Deuteronomy 28!)


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