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Friday, September 28, 2007

Our New Home...the Land of Enchantment

Our new land of enchantment is a beautiful place! We are enjoying our time together here as a family. We are slowly starting to get things in order here as we continue to settle. Karen and tyler are great house buddies and are continually patient with the hubbub that IS the Meyer Crew! God is surely looking out for us in this place. Several of Dan's new work buds and his favorite foreman are Believers...isn't That a little coincidence?! Thank you Lord!! It has cooled considerably since we arrived much to my delight. David and Pat have finished their second full week of school and things are settling there also, althought still not as smooth as we would like.. HA HA! Derek is chattering up a storm of new words and learning new things everyday it seems. We took a little jaunt into the wild blue yonder to AZ to visit Dan's Mom a few weeks ago and finally the pictures are developed and ready to view. So here they are in no particular order.

Here we are a a roadside stop to marvel at the enormity of God's Creation...how huge is that rock??

Here are the Meyer Men in front the Organ Mountains. I love pictures like this...it ought to be a postcard.

Aren't the organ Mountains gorgeous? Watching the sun go down or the moon come up behind them is simply astounding. I shall try to get a picture of that for the next blog.

We miss you all GREATLY and love you!! Write, call, e-mail or blog us. To my Lost boys, Mama K loves you!
Blessings to ALL,
Kristy and the Man Crew

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