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Friday, April 22, 2016

No Pants April Day 22

No Pants April Day 22 just happened to be the date of the Gymnastics End-Of-Season banquet so we canceled Game Night (I can hear your collective gasp of horror) and went to the the snooty-falooty golf course club house, which is every bit as fancy as it sounds.
I wore my regular Friday outfit for work and then changed when I got home into this schnazzy number.
I definitely felt No Pants April fabulous in this sweet little dress.

PS. For all of you whom are convinced that I have a nearly perfect little life, let me entertain you by letting you know that I gave some poor college kid either the thrill of his day or scarred him for life when I stepped out of the car and this dress betrayed me by blowing up straight over my head. Thank you New Mexico windy season. Thank the Lord for a mother that taught me to always wear a slip. ;)

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