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Friday, April 1, 2016

No Pants April 2016 Kick Off

Hey friends, it's that time of year again. Time for No Pants April!
My friend Kimberly started this a few years back after a long and depressing winter, hoping to help herself get out of the winter  doldrums and ready for spring.
The rules are simply that whenever you leave the house during the month of April, you must wear a non-pants item to cover your lower half. That can be skirts, dresses, kilts, culottes, skorts, capris, or split skirts, and being the relaxed lady I am, even shorts count if you live in a warm region. Personally, I will be wearing all skirts and dresses, but please play along however it works best for you. The idea is to get out of the winter sweat pants and raggedy sweater you've been wearing for 5 months straight and embrace the thought of spring coming soon.
PS. If your work requires a uniform, then please allow common sense to prevail and don't get yourself fired. Just wear non-pants during your off hours.
If you choose to play along, and especially if you decide to post pictures somewhere on the Internet, please use hashtags #NPA2016 and #nopantsapril so we can enjoy them for years t come :)

PPS. This year I decided not to add make up and fancy hair to the challenge. Just clothes. It goes with my word of the year which is *Enough*

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