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Saturday, January 30, 2016

And Just Like That... {Week 28 Update}

...Dan is gone.

Looks like he won't be gone as long as we were thinking. He's going to squirrel away money like crazy this coming month and then retire from the job so he can come home. He says it still feels like they are watching him because of productivity levels (But with having 3 different apprentices over the 6 months, it must be hard to find a good rhythm) and if they lay him off, he won't care. So, could be as little as a few weeks before Hercules is home again. This has been quite the experience and while I'm sure someday I'll say I'm glad we had it, for now I just want him home again and to never ever leave town for work again. :)

In other news, Pat returned home this week and it's been wonderful to see him settle right back into his place almost as if he never left. Nathan has spent the night, the boys and I have laughed our heads off at the dinner table together over his antics and hilarious stories and it feels GOOD to have him home again. If Dan's "re-entry" to home life is as smooth, I'll count myself incredibly blessed.

A bit less lonely in NM, 

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