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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the huge things that make or break your day, week, month or life. It's the little things. So in honor of the little things, list a few with me that made your day, week, month or life brighter or sweeter.

  • It's an hour to blog after DT goes to bed. AND an hour to read if I want.
  • It's watching movies with the BIGS that we can all enjoy.
  • It's having time for the first time in 6 months to paint my nails
  • It's a dishwasher full of CLEAN dishes
  • It's a tween that willingly cleans the bathroom.
  • It's a teenager that reads his little brother bedtime stories is a silly French accent until they are both giggling like crazy.
  • It's pulling a loaf of home made bread out of the freezer and having the people that eat it all the time still ooh and aah over it and beg for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • It's friends that offer to come to your house and make you dinner so you can relax a little bit. (Yes, I do know how ridiculously blessed I am)
  • It's new recipes from friends.
  • It's remembering that I was a person in my own right before I was married and before I became a mother, and nurturing that person isn't selfish or bad. (OK, so that's a bigger thing, but still) 
  • It's a pair of great fitting jeans.
I like the idea of this style of post. If you like it too, add your little things! I'm making it a goal to focus on the positive this year...Join me!

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